Are Online Academic Writing Jobs Profitable?

There are many online markets that look for writers in general, including

  • Blog writers
  • Editors
  • Academic writers
  • EBook writers.

An academic writer is one that can write essays and dissertations for others when required to do so. The job prospects are quite good outside of the online market, but this article focuses on the internet and how good (or bad) it would be to work as an online academic writer.


Online writing has multiple positives. The time you spend on writing is entirely up to you and you can therefore choose to work on it part-time while handling another full-time position. You can also do more than one academic writing job at the same time since there is no policy against taking multiple jobs. Moreover, the online work can be done from home as well. You don’t have to have a desk where you can sit and do this work. You can lie down on your bed and be comfortable while watching TV and writing your articles. You can also choose not to work on a job if you see that you can’t really complete it; it’s all to your discretion!


The online market is not all rainbows and roses. There are quite a few disadvantages to it as well. If this is your primary source of income, it is going to be very unstable and you better be prepared for the hardships coming along your way. Also, if you think getting a job is easy, then you’re probably very mistaken. You need to build up a very strong impression as a writer before you can be recognized as one. There is a lot of competition (both healthy and otherwise) between various writers and you have to work your way up that ladder as fast as possible. Yes you can work from home, but that just means you can choose to be lazy when you want. This can lead to missing deadlines and late work. Furthermore, there are scams online that trick you into paying to work as a writer and earn. And it is difficult to tell the truth from the lies.

If you are having doubts about working online, then you are definitely human. It is not very safe to work online, especially if that is your only source of income. If it’s part-time, then you should go for it and it will turn out to be profitable. But if it’s not, then you’re in for a little surprise (a rough one!).