Looking For Education Freelance Writing Jobs: How To Find The Best Websites

The hard part about working as a freelance writer is finding jobs. Unlike a typical workplace, writers have to continuously apply for jobs and projects. In the beginning, it is difficult for writers to find projects within their niche. Clients may be unwilling to hire new writers, so newbies have to develop a portfolio before they can ever be considered for a project.

  • Writing in the Field of Education
  • Since education is a highly specialized subject, writers must be also possess experience in the field. The writer may have degrees in education or experience in working as a teacher. Curriculum development or administration experience will also make it easier to get a job. Few clients will want to hire a writer who lacks actual experience in education, so writers should start by gaining experience in the field.

  • Start With a Blog
  • To develop an online portfolio, writers can begin by creating a blog about educational topics. On the blog, they can include a section about the types of projects that they will take and set their rates. In addition to serving as an online portfolio, this website can also serve as a marketing tool for the writer. If the site starts to gain a lot of foot traffic, the writer can monetize it with advertisements or various products.

  • Check Out Bidding Sites
  • As most experienced writers know, bidding sites can be a humongous headache. Although there are some good clients on these websites, many of the clients want to pay a penny or less a word for high-quality articles. Even worse, competition from writers in third-world countries ends up driving the prices down. Despite these drawbacks, bidding sites can be useful places to find clients. If the writer is good at weeding through the bad projects, they can find some well-paid, interesting work.

  • Read Reviews From Other Writers
  • In addition to bidding sites, writers can try to directly network with other websites. Many education sites will actually hire freelance writers to help produce their articles. The only way to locate these sites is through trial and error. Writers can do an Internet search for education sites or a specialized topic field. Once they have narrowed down the list, the writer can apply or send query letters to the various sites. Before starting work at a particular website, the writer should look up reviews of the site online. If there are a lot of negative reviews from other writers, individuals should find a different website to work with.