Freelance Technical Writer Rates Are Really High

There is one thing for sure with freelance writing pay rates: they vary dramatically. Some client pay high rates per hour, others pay low per-piece rates under $.01 per word. If you want to make a good wage as a freelance writer, you can investigate technical writing. This type of writing includes project like writing manuals, instructions, and specific procedures. Technical writers use language that is specific to a subject like technology, chemistry, medicine, or engineering.

  • Why They Earn So Much More
  • Technical writers can usually ask for a higher wage than other writers because of the fact that they need to know how to write in those highly specific languages. They need to know how to use complex vocabulary and clearly communicate to the reader. Content writers, bloggers, and article writers do not usually need to know any complex vocabulary for their pieces. Those types of writers might have to write about sports language or fashion language, but that vocabulary is easy to pick up and understand.

  • Earn a Degree in Technical Writing
  • Becoming a technical writer is not as easy as it sounds. It is not just a skill that you can pick up overnight. Many technical writers go to college to learn the skill and they usually earn a major or minor in a scientific subject to coincide with their technical writing skill. For example, writers who love physics will get a degree in technical writing with a minor in physics. This gives them the working knowledge of the language so they can work for companies that need someone to clearly communicate to their customers. This is why the rates are so high.

  • How to Become a Technical Writing
  • If you want to become a technical writer, it is a good idea to do some reading in a highly technical area. You will want to begin building your technical vocabulary. It can be helpful to build a vocabulary journal or to practice writing with the technical language on a daily basis. you will need to know what part of speech the words are and how to use them in concise sentences that are easy to read. Some technical writers will craft pieces for experts in the field, and others will craft them for novices who will need the language illustrated for them. So, your skills will need to be flexible for the needs of the client.