Are online freelance writing jobs really reliable

You may ask yourself: are online freelance writing jobs really reliable?

The answer is “yes” if you are willing to put the work in. There are many online jobs available for those who work hard and remain professional. And on top of that there are many types of writing jobs available.

If you decide to write the biography of the person sitting next to you, you are going to have to ask them questions about themselves, develop a timeline of the major events in their lifetime, and then organize this according to a narrative structure or as a simple itemizing of the facts.

This means that biographical subjects can be narrative (told like a story), or they can even be short stories with a non-fiction theme.

For example, let’s use the following series of focal points to relate a simple biography:

  • Sequence – you ask your subject to tell you about their first day of school and how missing the bus home was such a major event. To communicate this to the audience you would need to develop an effective timeline and then add the emotional comments of the subject.
  • Locations – if you are sticking with the same subject from above you would have to talk about the school, the playground, the bus, the corridor, the doors of the school and any other specific areas that are part of the incident or memory.
  • Details – to add value to this story, however, the writer is going to have to really convey the memories that the subject expressed. For instance, if they spoke about the smell of the floor polish, their teacher’s perfume, or the apple in their backpack, this would add a tremendous amount of depth to the scene. Authors will rely on a range of sensory details to convey the story in a powerful way, including:
    • Sights;
    • Sounds;
    • Smells;
    • Movement;
    • Gestures; and
    • The remembered feelings of their subject.
  • Pace – if the memory being described is to have value to the story it has to convey the mood clearly. This can be controlled through the pacing of the story. For example, the subject might remember returning to the classroom to get their lunch pail, heading into the now silent hallway, beginning to feel a sense of dread, rushing to the doors and seeing the last bus exit the schoolyard. This pace would be necessary to impress the reader with the impact of the event.