Hints For Getting A Well-Paid Online Writing Job: 3 Pitfalls Of Working As A Freelancer

Working as a freelance writer can be difficult sometimes, when there doesn’t seem to be any good paying jobs. If you’re having a hard time finding enough work to make a living, then keep reading to get some ideas and hints. How to find well paid jobs is a question that most freelance writers come across at least once in their careers. Even people who want to freelance part time to supplement their income from another job can have trouble finding jobs that pay well. When this is your only job, then you’ll have to work even harder to make sure you can pay your bills and live comfortably.

Making a Living Writing Online

Because of this, there can be downsides to working as a freelance writer. One of these pitfalls is not being paid enough, or not finding any good enough jobs to do. Here are some of the things that people who write for freelance clients don’t like:

  1. As mentioned, not finding well paid jobs – some weeks are easier than others are, as with any jobs. If you continually have trouble, then here are a few ways you can start changing that and be paid more:

    • Look on another freelance website. You can be a member and work at different sites where clients can meet freelancers to work with
    • Write for a different category. Is there anything else you have knowledge about or do as a hobby that you could write about?

  2. Another pitfall of being a freelance writer is loneliness. You might not think of this when you’re considering having a career in writing, but being at home all day at your computer can be very tiring. If you don’t leave the house much or see your friends and family, loneliness can sink in.

    • Make sure you plan social outings regularly and schedule time for fun around your work hours
    • For the freelance writing itself, you can take your laptop to a café or library to work, so that you’re around other people

  3. Lastly, you need to watch out for online scams. There are plenty of honest people out there looking for good writers, but there are also people who want to trick you into working for free.

    • Always follow the rules on the freelance sites that you work for; they’re there to keep you safe
    • Talk with any prospective client about payment up front