Guidelines for Graduates: Freelance Writing Opportunities​

If you have just finished college, you are now probably facing the necessity of finding a job to sustain your own independent existence. While willing to be able to plan your own time freely, you want to find a job as soon as it can be done, and even a little sooner. If you are used to thinking things through in advance, you are still facing a similar problem. So how and where do you find the job after your specialty, if you happen to be a writer?

There’s definitely no need to worry, the freelance writing job market is abundant, thankfully, since today’s dynamically developing technology provides us with access to an ocean of information at an instant, resulting in immense supply and demand for knowledge and, consequentially, written material. You just need to find your niche to fit into, which shows to be doable, provided that you know what to do.

First of all, determine for yourself, what you want to do, meaning the specific type of writing job you would like to have. Once you are certain about that, start your search by looking through local papers and job advertisements. Find all your local agencies and companies that do writing, and contact all of them. You might not find them in large numbers around you, but one of them could turn out to be the perfect place for you. Ask for freelancing positions and you might just find the one you need right there.

If unsuccessful at that stage, move on to, or even simultaneously using a web search. Use keywords that will illustrate your basic requirements, such as desired occupation, genre, type of employment (freelancing), location etc. and send your resume to as many employers as you can, because that way you can be sure to get at least a few replies. To make that happen, write a catchy resume, highlighting your strong sides, while staying honest about yourself in general.

There is an option of getting an online job which could imply you will never even meet your employer, however, be careful to avoid scams and unfair players. Don’t be shy to ask for some kind of reassurance that you will get paid for the job you are about to do. If no reassurances are being offered to you, ask for an advance, or simply move on to the next available option. Eventually, fairly soon, the right opportunity will find you, if you keep searching, so just make sure you don’t lose it when it hits you.