What do online freelance writers do?

Freelance writers provide a service to clients all over the world. Freelance writers do many things. They can be hired to provide academic content.

  • Academic content might include sample essays that can be used in a classroom.
  • It might include test questions for a graduating exam or an entrance exam.
  • It might include ESL essays and academic tools.
  • Academic content might include listening prompts
  • Academic content might also include online course work development

Freelance writers might be hired to do web content.

  • Web content might include the home page for a website as well as a short description of the services or an about us page. For this the freelance writer might be contracted to help with the layout and design of the web page or to find top key words that should be integrated into the text.
  • Web content might also include informative articles that can be published on a company website.

On that note a freelancer online is often hired to write articles. These articles can range in terms of length and can cover nearly any topic. Many clients hire a contractor to write articles about their company or about a service that their company provides. These articles are then submitted to article directories in order to increase awareness or the page rank of a web page. Many companies want articles between four hundred and six hundred words which they post on their website and corresponding websites as well directories and databases with a link to their company website at the bottom. This increases backlinks to their website and hopefully their page rank as well.

If a company is releasing a new product or changing the layout of their website they might hire a freelance writer to provide a press release that can be sent via an email blast to their existing client database.

Some clients hire freelance writers to handle report generation for them. If there is a non profit in need of funding they might hire a writer to create a grant for them. If there is a new company opening in a new city they might hire a freelance writer to provide a business plan or marketing plan. A freelance writer can be hired to create a report as to what practices should be integrated into a business or how the business environment is doing in a particular region.