Start Your Career with an Online Freelance Writing Agency

There are two ways to break into freelance writing: with a personal profile on various freelance sites or by writing for an agency. Each has their advantages and disadvantages. For example, when it comes to freelance platforms you get to pick and choose which jobs you take versus having to write about a topic you may not be excited about with an agency. However, writing with an agency is more likely to guarantee a steady income and you get a byline on all of your work versus having to wait to be chosen for jobs on a freelance site. Starting your freelance writing career can be exciting and rewarding as long as you pick the right agency for you.

What to Know When Choosing a Freelance Writing Agency

If you are new to the freelance writing world and not sure where to start, take a look at the list below for some pointers. These will help you weed out the bad writing agencies and help you find your way into freelance writing.

  • Always do your research before you commit to any single agency. Check to see if they have a social media page, look for scam reports, or check work-from-home job boards to see if others have experience with the company.
  • Do they have legitimate contact information? This is important; chances are if they do not then they are a content mill. Look for an address, e-mail, and phone number.
  • Compare industry rates. Veteran freelance writers will always tell you to never “low-ball” your prices because it hurts the industry. This is simply not true. If the majority of freelance writing agencies are paying “x” amount per word, then that is what you should stick with.
  • Do not be ashamed to explore your interests. Something else you will hear veteran writer say is that you need to have a niche right off the bat. While it is good to have a niche to specialize in, new writers may not know what they like to write about. Try to find an agency that offers a variety of topics to write about so you can test the waters.
  • Apply to as many agencies as you can. Now that freelance writing has become so popular it is likely that your application is just one of hundreds. Never put all of your eggs in one basket when it comes to finding an agency. Apply, apply, apply!