What Exactly Is A Freelance Writer: A Manual For Dummies

A freelance writer is who writes for client companies or organization or even individuals on a project wise or contractual basis. Freelancing is primarily a part time job and does not come within a set payroll. In the present day scenario companies, organizations and individuals are going online to get recognition and to gain popularity. Internet is the most populated virtual platform and offers the most lucrative marketing opportunities to anyone who is willing to earn from being popular.

Who are freelance writers?

The freelance writers are hired by these companies and individuals to write blogs or articles on their behalf in such a way so that people who are reading those write ups get moved or influenced by it. There are different types of freelance writing, like

  • Business writing
  • Technical writing
  • Marketing writing
  • Blog writing
  • Writing news articles
  • Content writing for web pages

These are amongst the few types of online writing requirements. An online writer can be required to write on a variety of topics and it is important that he or she can develop excellent content on any given topic.

An online writer can work for more than one client and can choose to work at a time of the day in which he or she is comfortable in but has to make sure that the work is submitted within the deadline. Since the volume of work that the writer receives determines the income, an online writer aims at increasing the amount of work he or she gets on a per day basis without compromising on the quality of writing.

While trying to augment the volume of work is imperative, the career demands a lot of attention in the maintenance of quality.

Qualities an online writer must have

  • An online writer must posses the ability to get the work done within the specified time limit
  • He or she must have a flair for writing and a good grip over the language
  • They should be able to understand the client’s requirements and create content that would be relevant to the client
  • Should be able to handle bulk work
  • Also it should be within the capacity of the writer to create content that would appeal to the concerned target group. The said content should neither be amateurish in nature nor too much over the top.
  • A freelance writer must always maintain a standard quality for each of the content created.