What Are Freelance Writers Supposed To Do Every Day

Becoming a freelance writer brings with it a great deal of freedom. If you opt to become a fulltime freelance writer then you have foregone your previous career path or job in exchange for working full time. You may have a third party platform that you are using to get started as a freelance writer or you may have just started brand new on your own. Either way it begs the question: what are freelance writers supposed to do every day?

  1. You are supposed to look for jobs.
  2. The same way you search for employment when you work for a corporation you need to search for employment as a freelancer if you don’t have any at present. The thing about freelance work is that you have the freedom to change your schedule and be flexible but you still need to work. Many of the freelance jobs available are one-time only freelance stints. Unless specifically stated as a “long term job” or one with “long term” potential you need to view each job as a closed and final job which ends as soon as work is submitted and payment released.

    With that in mind you are going to have to find new jobs to fill the day and bring in money. If you work on a third party freelance writing platform this means setting aside a small amount of time each day looking over potential jobs and bidding on them.

  3. The second thing you are supposed to do is communicate with the people who reach out to you.
  4. Don’t let being a freelancer keep you from returning an email in a timely fashion. Try and stick to the 24 hour window. Jobs move fast in the freelance world and if you don’t respond to an inquiry within 24 hours chances are the job will be given to someone else.

  5. During your downtime when you are not working on projects or bidding on available jobs you should try and better yourself.
  6. This might include improving your skills or reading a writing guide. It might also include reviewing new SEO tactics. If you want to transition into academic writing as a new writing path you might want to review academic writing guidelines or look over lots of examples online so that you can practice writing a few yourself. This will give you the tools you need to widen your skillset.