Becoming A Top-Class Freelance Writer: Writing Christian Articles

Want to embark on a freelancing career as a Christian writer, but skeptical about your knowledge on the holy Bible? Well it is indeed quite intimidating to write a religious article, after all you do not want to mess with neither any religion nor religious sentiments of people. Writing Christian articles require you to hand-pick real life incidents and analyse them biblically. In this way one could delineate teachings from the Bible and address real life issues. Here are few tips to sanctify your Christian articles:

  • Get down to basics- Maintaining impeccable grammar and interview as well as writing skills, pre-eminently anecdotal writing.

  • Get acquainted with basic Christian concepts- You must have a humble knowledge on the foundational concepts of Christianity. For this you can read as many articles or novels possible, published mainly by Karen Kingbury. Familiarize with certain themes and writing styles.

  • Pick out inspiring real life stories or simply make them- One is required to evaluate real life events biblically and through this rectify and redeem one’s faults. These events could be your own testimony or someone else's. In this, characters are put to a test of faith and then showed how they have emerged victorious clinging on to their faiths.

  • Be tech-savvy- You should have good communication, computer, proof reading and editing skills.

  • Be perseverant - You cannot write your articles immaculately right off the bat, you have to be patient in handling rejections from your employers. Religious articles can never be without errors from your first attempt. It chiefly depends on how well you connect with the certain concept of Christianity.

  • Know Christian writing industry- You must know which companies are dealing in religious content writing. Or how well the Christian writing are making way among people, religious or not. You must also be vigilant about the domains with recruitment promises. Below is a guide to all the domains which generally hire Christian writers:

    • Writing for Sunday school materials, planing for curriculum.
    • Writing Christian material for books, poems and songs.
    • Writing devotional notes.
    • Writing Christian newsletters and newspapers.
    • Writing contents of e-books.

Becoming a Christian writer is rewarding in many ways. In present times we are getting distant from spirituality and religion. Being a Christian writer or a religious writer for the matter of fact is quite enriching, through these articles you can also encourage the readers to take interest in the holy bible in a more comprehensive manner.