Applying for freelancer writing jobs online

Freelance writing has become a massive industry because of SEO requirements. Blogging, keyword articles, and website content are needed on a large scale because of companies’ progressive realization that online presence is of such importance.

If you’re interested in entering this industry, there are 5 P’s you should keep in mind before and while doing so.

The passion

If you want to enter the world of freelance writing purely for the extra money, you may want to rethink your motives. Writing is hard work and not for those who aren’t determined to make a career out of it. There’s a lot of creativity and language skill that needs to be developed before heading into this industry. But if you love writing, and know that you have a talent for it, then it won’t take long for you to get noticed.

The portfolio

If you’ve never written anything before, it will be hard to get potential customers to trust you with their projects. However, there is a way around this if you know that you have what it takes. Simply write for free! Offering your services for free to local businesses or family members, will help build up your portfolio for the sake of impressing your future paying clients.

The proposal

When you submit an online proposal, there are some factors to keep in mind:

  • Proofread your proposal at least 3 times
  • Make sure your portfolio pieces are relevant to what the client wants
  • Be clear about the deadline
  • Address the client professionally—“Good day” to start with and “Kind regards” at the end.

The price

Make sure your price is in line with the client’s budget. If the client hasn’t given a clear budget, work out how long it will take you to complete their job and charge what you feel is a fair hourly rate. Don’t price yourself out of the market, but don’t short-change yourself either.

The portioning

Before you start writing, you’ll need to know what your capabilities are. Time how long it takes you to write a 500 word article. This will help you to charge the right price when proposing, and also help you to portion your work up into manageable segments.

Remember that once you are done writing, to always offer your client the extra service of adjusting anything they may need. Always let the client be the judge of your work, no matter how proud of it you may be.