How To Become A Good Writer For Hire: 10 Helpful Hints

While career in journalism might be hard to find, writing isn’t something that is going away.  There are a thousand things in a day that a person comes across that was first written by an author.  So writing isn’t a dying art as many would love for people to believe.  While the writing industry is still alive, it is booming with potential writers.  As a freelancer there are some things

Ten Helpful Hints:

  • Publish Work: Those looking to hire freelancers will want to know what sort of work a person can produce.  So having a published portfolio is necessary for the potential employer to have an example of what the freelancer is capable of.  This is one of the key points of what an employer is looking for.

  • Know the job: Part of being a great freelancer is knowing what the job entails and what it doesn’t.  Being a freelance writer is writing content.  It isn’t creating a whole media kit for their needs.  Knowing what they need from you is half the job.  The other half of getting hired is being able to show the employer that you can know what is expected of you and complete the task.

  • Communication: Any freelance writer, communication must be a skill that they are well versed in.  They must be able to be clear and concise in emails or other communications.  They must be able to express how they will go about their assignment.  If a freelancer is good at communication then the potential employer will be able to trust them with the assignment.

  • Timely: The potential employer will be expecting any freelancer to be able to on time with all deliveries and before they are hired they can show this skill by promptly returning emails.

  • Expectations: Every employer has their own set of expectation; living up to these will make a freelancer become a great writer for hire.  Following instructions and doing what is expect of the freelancer will give them a higher rating.

  • Rating: Create a great relationship with previous employers will help with the ability to be hired again.  When a freelancer has a great relationship the previous employers will give better ratings and this will make a freelancer a more wanted commodity.

  • Grammar Proficient: To be a great writer and one that is coveted by employer’s one skill that is a must is the ability to write grammatically correct.  One thing that every potential employer is not to have to redo work, so when a writer is grammatically proficient they become a writer that is wanted.

  • Trust: Any freelancer must be able to have the trust of the employer.  If the writer can’t be trusted to complete the assignment on time and correctly.  The relationship between freelancer and employer is delicate and must be treated with care.

  • Write: Writing is a skill that must be practiced, and a freelancer must be able to show their skill set.  They must always have something on hand to show a potential employer their abilities.

  • Editing: The freelancer also need to be a person who can show their skills to edit a piece and be able to redo work quickly if the employer needs it done.  The freelancer needs to show the employer that they are proficient in editing so that when the time comes they can edit pieces for the client if the client needs them too.

These ten tips will help any freelancer become a better hire.  Building a skill base is key for being a great writer for hire.