Getting Well-Paid Freelance Essay Writing Jobs without Experience

By now you might already be aware that more and more people are ditching their traditional office job in exchange for the chance to make a great living working from home as freelance writers. The opportunities are tremendous and the freedom it affords you is extremely appealing. Though generally the highest paying jobs tend to go to people with the most experience, even newbies can land some great opportunities that pay extremely well. Here is what you need to know to get started:

Do Some Research, Check Out Competitors

Start by learning as much as you can about the industry. This means checking what other freelance writers have on their profiles and portfolios, as well as the kinds of jobs they have a history of finding. Take note at how much they charge and the type of service they provide. All this will be helpful in getting started on the right foot.

Create Your Own Profile and Example Portfolio

Take some of the things you learn by reviewing other freelancers’ profiles and apply them to your own. Don’t steal text. Simply rewrite the best ideas and make them uniquely your own. Since you don’t have experience you won’t have much to post to a portfolio, but you should upload a few examples either way to give potential clients something to review.

Learn How to Write Great Proposals and Submit

Writing great proposals is extremely important in freelance writing. It’s a good idea to create a template from which to start each bid, but you should customize each one to address the clients’ specific needs in accordance to the job listing. Keep your proposals short and to the point. Remember that the client probably doesn’t want to spend too much time reading.

Communicate Well with Potential Clients

Clients hate it when they have to wait several hours and sometimes days to receive a response or status update. This usually leads to negative reviews which will turn away other prospective clients and leave you struggling to find high-paying work. Send regular emails and always ask questions if you have any, this will ensure that you keep the lines of communication open and nothing is lost in translation.

Do Excellent Work and Always Work to Improve

Finally, simply do excellent work! This will lead to more repeat clients and can open up several new doors. Also, don’t just sit back and take on project after project without making the conscientious effort of improving your craft. Aim to learn a new skill each month and try to broaden your areas of expertise to increase your chances of success.