Are Freelance Writing Jobs Online Worth Applying for?

Many amateur writers ask themselves this question. The answer to it is a definite “yes”.

However, there is always a “but” hidden somewhere. It comes down to the differences between the many online portals that offer freelance writing jobs. You need to understand those differences in order to know what kinds of offers are actually worth applying for.

Content Mills: Strengths and Weaknesses

The most common source that all beginner writers turn to is the so-called “content mills”. These are the websites where one can find hundreds of requests for all kinds of articles. This is the main advantage of the source, as the number of orders is so great that even a beginner can find frequent work.

The biggest drawback of these websites is the low rates. Clients that seek writers through these services are usually looking for the cheapest option. If you are serious about making a living as a freelance writer, you won’t be able to get the necessary amounts financially from working on sporadic orders found through a content mill. There will always be some students willing to do the job for ridiculously low pay, and you will have no choice but to agree to the same amount if you want to get the job.

Niche Job Boards: Difficulties of Specialization

If you decide to focus in some specific area, you will be able to find more lucrative jobs through specialized job boards. The clients that post their ads there are willing to pay more for high quality content. This is why choosing a definite niche for yourself will be a smart decision.

On the other hand, being a general writer will allow you to find clients in different fields, and will increase the number of your options greatly.

Use All Your Connections: The Benefits of Socializing

You need to stay in contact with the people in your field. If you specialize in some specific area like IT, medicine, or wine; you should try to attend as many seminars and other professional gatherings as possible. Take your business cards so you can present them to potential contacts. Do not forget that you need to establish connections with all kinds of people, not just the ones that can actually hire you. If you make a good impression on someone, he or she will spread the word so that your reputation can improve.

You also need to establish relationships with other freelance writers. You can meet them at gatherings or through online communities. Many experienced freelancers outsource some of their jobs to beginners. Use this opportunity to gain more experience.