In Search of Stable Freelance Jobs in Writing Literature

When writing for literature purposes the field becomes narrower. You can expect to find work in creative writing, poetry, essays, and literature reviews. You can look around online, but narrow your search to include the following styles of venues:

Places to Look

  • Literary Magazines-you can search the submission guidelines for online and print magazines and then you need to seek the ones that pay. Not all of these periodicals pay for publications. There are a few websites who have gathered these lists with the pay ones and their rates noted for your ease. This can be a tough field to break into, so you have to be willing to work hard and have thick skin.
  • Writer Groups-I belong to a few writing groups, and the information that I have gotten from these groups is quite valuable. You need a fellowship of writing peers for support and for job leads. Ask you friends if they now of any groups that might be a good fit for you.
  • Professional Groups-there are professional business/social media sites that list jobs. You can apply directly from the business site and the prospective client can see your work, education, qualifications, and verification with one click of the mouse. The connections you can make at these sites are also quite beneficial.
  • Third Party Companies-I belong to one-third party company but I have some friends who belong to several. I only freelance part time. At the site, I have established a profile, posted sample work, and established my qualifications. I pay a very small monthly fee. For the fee I can bid on jobs. There is a literature section. All of the work is sorted by genre. I can bid my price with a job proposal at any jobs that I think I qualify for. Clients can also approach me with job proposals. Once the job is finished, the company then collects the payment from an escrow and pays me. I highly recommend this method of obtaining work.

When searching for stable freelance jobs in writing literature, you should look at literary magazines, join some writer groups, enroll at online professional groups, and join third party freelance companies. This is a tough field to break into, so value each job, make sure to keep solid samples, and be willing to work hard to get jobs in the field.