Freelance Jobs For Creative Writers: How To Make The Grade

Being creative is always a plus; it really lets people appreciate how versatile you can think! This means you can think of things that others can’t and that is a huge advantage. With this amazing skill set, you will be able to secure plenty of creative writing jobs as a freelancer and you will make plenty of money in a short period of time. If you really want to improve your creative writing skills, then you should be reading on; this would certainly help you in securing more jobs and making more money in the process as well! It’s the ideal situation, isn’t it?

  • I mean - it’s creative writing after all. Your creativity should be placed with the highest importance. You really need to be very creative and you should be able to come up with some crazily good stories that others would not be able to imagine.

  • Be good to your clients
  • One of the main things that you need to do is to please your clients. Essentially, your clients are the person who pays for your service. So it really doesn’t matter how good your creative writing skills are if you don’t know how to develop a good relationship with your client! The best thing to do would be to give them an email everyday and provide them with an update with your progress.

  • Don’t go for crazy rates
  • Okay, as a creative writer, you are definitely entitled to a higher because of your skills. However, this doesn’t mean you can set your rates to a premium level. It would be very discouraging and your clients would probably not even bother looking at your proposal. Be humble and think of what a reasonable rate would be. Obviously if you are asking for $1 per word, there is a good chance that most people would just ignore you. That is only for the best writers in the world!

  • Don’t miss deadlines
  • That’s the last thing you want to do as a freelancer – missing deadlines. If you miss any deadlines, it would cost you dearly, as there is a good chance that you client will leave you bad feedback and you will find it difficult to look for new jobs.

I hope this guide has helped you in developing yourself as a freelancer and it should help you in securing future jobs. Best of luck to you!