Finding Promising Fitness Freelance Writing Jobs: 5 Places to Look

If you enjoying writing for a living and know about or participate in the world of fitness, you may be able to find some great freelance jobs. It is always good for a writer to know about a field or to be an expert of a hobby or job. There are a few outlets where you can look to find some nice jobs. Use our list of five places as you seek out work.

5 Places to Look

  • Writing Company-one of the easiest ways to find work in your area of expertise is to join a writing company. You can apply, take the skills’ tests, and become a freelance writer for the group. Make sure to note on your resume or application that you consider yourself to be an expert in the field. You will need samples for the wring company to look at to see if you fit their style and needs.
  • On Campus-there are always needs for writing on college campuses and that subject may be on body care. Post your card and flyers on all of the bulletin boards. Make sure to put one up on the writing lab board. Always include your contact information.
  • At the Gyms-the same idea goes for local gyms. Post your cards and flyers at the gyms in case the gym has copy or advertising SEO work that you could do for them. You could also personally contact the manager or owner of the establishment. If this does not work, you may want to send a letter out to all the exercise places in town offering your services to them.
  • Overflow from Advertising/Marketing Companies –try to establish a working relationship with a local advertising agency. Those groups, as well as marketing companies, always have overflow work, which they farm out to for- pay writers. Send your resume and cover letter to a group and introduce yourself in the hopes that they may need you one day soon.
  • Local Newspapers and Magazines-you can post a small ad in a local newspaper or magazine. You will find that they are not too expensive and can generate a lot of business. If one of the periodicals is geared toward the fitness business, you can also check the back of the magazine and the submission guidelines to see if any work is available for you.