Freelance Writer Websites: How To Choose The One You Need

In order to find the right Freelancer site, there has to be something on the site, that will attract them. A good Freelancer is not going to risk their time, where they cannot make the money to survive. If the so the quality of clients, are what determine if the Freelancer stays or goes. It is also the quality of the site that will hold the Freelancer, so this is another area that one needs to look at.

  1. Check Prices
  2. Check what the Site Offers
  3. Look at Rating System
  4. What Testing is Offered
  • Check Prices
  • A good freelancer, is not cheap, nor are they over priced. Learning what the going rates are, will help in determining if the prices are fair, or off. Too cheap, then likely the quality will be as well. Too expensive, and the client is getting ripped off. Pricing should be within $10.00 to $90.00 per hour, for a Freelance Writer. The better they are, the more they will charge, and the better the quality. At least this is the theory behind prices, actually seeing their work will tell more.

  • Check what the Site Offers
  • Take time and examine the site, and see what is there. Does the site offer a place for the Freelancer to post samples of their work? It should. This is not for the Freelancer to brag, it is actually for the prospective Client to see what the Freelancer can do. Does the site offer mediation services? This is a service for both, the Freelancer and the Client. If a condition should arise, the site is able to negotiate a remedy, between the Client and the Freelancer, that is fair for both. They do happen, even with the best of Client and Freelancer.

  • Look at the Rating System
  • This is important, because the more the Client can see, the more they can know about a prospective Freelancer. So what the Client wants to see, is as much information, as possible on the Freelancer. Usually “stars” and comments are the best to see. Why? Because the stars should cover the basics of skill, quality, and professionalism. Comments allow a past Client to say what the stars do not, in personal words and praises, or condemnation.

  • Testing
  • Testing is a good thing, because when the Freelancer takes the tests, they are posted on their page. This shows what skills the Freelancer knows. It is also good to take one or two of the tests, so the Client can see what the testing quality is like. If the tests are poor, then they mean nothing, if they are good, then they mean a lot.