Are freelance writers websites trustworthy?

Looking for a job online is always connected with a certain risk. Physical address of the company is usually either unknown or is located quite far from you, therefore it is hard to check if the company is in the actual business as they describe it on the website. Of course, there are a lot of scam companies that will most likely not pay you or even take some money from you, but it does not mean that the whole market of freelance writing cannot be trusted. There are decent companies who need writers and are ready to pay for the job done. Just make sure to check some things before applying for a job online.

  1. Entrance fee must be a red light.
  2. If the company that offers you a job requires an entrance fee from you, you shall think twice before giving out your money, even if the company seems perfect in everything else. The company will logically explain it to you, why they need money from you (for example, to open a debit card for you to transfer earned money), but it will still look suspicious. You will for sure be able to find companies that will not only let you work with them for free, but will also cover the transactions fees for you. Look for possible alternative variants before sending money to people that shall send money to you.

  3. Check the reviews from other users.
  4. Internet gives you a great possibility to find lots of information on almost every company. Take this opportunity and check out the responses about the website you are willing to join. Of course, some of the reviews are not true and are written by company's rivals, but if there are too much reviews saying this particular company is a scam, you shall probably listen to them and be careful.

  5. Don't take a lot of big orders at first.
  6. If you are still not sure where will this job lead you but have anyway decided to try it out, keep it at small orders at first. Find out about the method of payment. If you are paid for each order separately, pick up a small easy one just to try out if this works. If you are paid at the end of a certain period, do not take a lot of jobs and consider the possibility that you will be paid less or not paid at all. If you do not want to have such doubts, check the company carefully before applying to it.