How much money can you earn on freelance writer websites

Working as a freelance writer has the potential to earn you a great deal of money if you are willing to do the work. Writing online can be done to supplement your income or it can be done to replace it. The amount of money you can make it contingent upon a few things:

  1. Your skills
  2. Obviously someone with higher qualifications and skill levels will be able to make more than a second language learner who is not from America and unfamiliar with American colloquialisms or turn of phrase. This is very important when writing for an American audience and no amount of technical ability to piece together words is a good substitute. If you have a few certifications or degrees in the subject--or any subject for that matter--it will help you to make more money.

  3. Your experience
  4. It is important for potential clients to review your work. They need to get a feel for your style and therefore you need to be able to show them your experience through published content or a portfolio or live websites where your content exists. This can be blog posts on current events or web content you did for your father’s construction company. Some experience no matter how small is better than no experience. This is true when you apply for a job in a standard office building and it is true when you work online. If nothing else use some high school papers you write as a portfolio.

  5. The website you use
  6. There are a handful of freelance writing websites out there and each of them comes with their own benefits and downfalls. One website lets you pick the topics on which you want to write out of a pool of available topics. Each article is a set word count and a set monetary amount. You can write as many as you want so long as they are approved by an editor. Then the money is yours. The process is as simple as that. However you are limited in this regard because there is no room for growth. There is no room to earn more money per article. Other websites have great room for growth monetarily and you can find short term and long term projects as you require them. The difference here is that you have to apply for every job you want. The client gets to choose out of everyone who applies which is the most qualified.