Who Offers The Best Jobs For Freelance Writers?

Freelance writing is exciting work that comes with a lot of advantages, chief amongst them are having a flexible schedule, being your own boss (or having no boss!), working from home, and sometimes, just sometimes a lucrative career. This brings us to the most critical questions all budding freelance writers have on their minds: “How does one earn well through freelance writing?”” WHO pays well?”

The answers are not simple. Actually, the “how” is simpler than the “who.” To earn well through your freelance activity you need a combination of good skills and knowledge, smart moves, and persistence. However, finding clients who are not only reliable (some clients DO cheat!), but also fair payers requires you to have the right connections, an excellent portfolio, strong credentials, and/or sheer dumb luck.

These days freelance writing is just as much hard labor against low wages as doing factory work. Seriously. Look around the web; it is humiliating just going through the job ads. Clients (employers) expect original, high quality CREATIVE work for as little as 2-3 dollars per 400-500 words! There should be a writers’ union safeguarding the interests of writers, instead of third party websites and agencies that sell cheap labor!

Oh well, enough with the cribbing already!

Things being what they are, here is a list of places that offer the best jobs to freelance writers:

  1. Third party websites: These sites are platforms where freelancers and job-providers meet. There are a huge number of excellent jobs posted here. The downsides

    • There would be too many freelance workers offering their services for next-to-nothing wages, to win the market competition (good for the clients, bad for writers!)
    • The little you earn is shared with the website.

  2. Magazines: e-magazines offer better payment per article to their regular writers. Some online magazines entertain new writers on competitive prices.

  3. Freelance Agencies: You have a better chance of securing good freelance writing jobs if you work with an agency, at least initially. It goes like this: the agency bids for jobs and gets them done by you. Of course, you are not paid the whole price of the bid.

  4. Sellers: Anyone whose livelihood depends on selling a product or products will pay for writing that helps make sales! This works better if you have a specialty and credentials. Locate a few of the clients you think you can help and send them well-written proposals.

  5. As a rule, non-fiction pays better than fiction and technical content pays better than general content. Whatever you decide to do, do not give up. Make a game plan and change it if it turns out to be ineffective.