Expert Advice on Where to Find Good Freelance Political Article Writing Jobs

Working in the field of politics can be an engaging and educational occupation. In order to get hired in this field, freelance writers will need to have experience and a good resume. To get started, writers can use the following tips.

Start by Creating a Website

For newbie writers, showing experience and talent can be difficult. The first step is to create a website that showcases the writer's best work. Writers can create articles about any political topic that they like and earn money from advertisements on the page. In addition, writers can use a section of their website to advertise their services and set client rates. Although the website will have to get a lot of traffic before the writer would be hired, it can still be a useful way to reach out to potential clients in the industry.

Volunteer With a Political Campaign

Politicians need to have writers to create their speeches, e-mails, blog articles and advertisements. While some of the most famous politicians actually hire people to do this job, many campaigns do not have the funds to contract a big-name writer. Instead, they rely on volunteers or interns to do their work. By volunteering with a campaign, the writer can gain useful experience in the industry. Once they have this experience, the writer can search for paid positions in the industry.

Find Political Websites and Work With Them

Websites are always looking for writers who know what they are doing. Newbie freelance writers can apply directly for jobs with various websites, or they can send in pitches for their article ideas. While a full-time job offers income stability, sending in pitches would allow the writer to build their career, a portfolio and potentially lucrative income faster. As a freelance writer, the individual has the power to control their income and the direction that their career will take.

Work With Magazines and Newspapers

Typically, article writing with a magazine or newspaper starts by sending in a pitch. This form is basically a way for the writer to show what they want to write about and how they will go about researching it. If the magazine editors like what they see in the pitch, they will offer the writer a chance to complete the article and be published. Ultimately, the writer will be paid sometime after the political article has been published in the magazine. Since this can take a while, newbies should be talented at budgeting their money until payments are actually sent out.