Where to Find Freelance Writing Jobs With Highest Rates

Finding freelance writing jobs can already be a challenge but finding freelance writing jobs with a high pay rate is even more difficult. When freelancing it is always important to consider what type of freelance writing you are interested in doing, what kind of experience you have in that particular area of writing, and how much money you are looking to make. There are several aspects you need to look into before you can find the appropriate places to locate well-paying freelance writing jobs:

Types of freelance writing

  • Article/Blog writing is something that is done to cover a particular subject usually appealing to popular culture. It is normally done for little to no money and is usually for the enjoyment of both the writer and their audience.
  • Book writing is a lengthy process of researching, editing, and writing many rough drafts. It is usually done over a long period of time and requires publishing and copyrights. Writing a book is usually at the behest of the writer and requires national recognition to be truly lucrative.
  • Technical writing is a development in nature based on education and experience. It is often sought after by corporations and businesses looking to contract someone to expand on their business practices and manuals. It is usually paid as a salary type position.

Writing experience

  • Personal – based on your own life’s experiences and the lives of those closest to you. This often includes journaling, diary writing, and blogging.
  • Educational – utilizing your scholastic writing as an opportunity to strengthen your understanding of what you have learned in school
  • Professional – this includes e-mail communication, memorandums, and interacting with colleagues and well as upper management.

Places to look

  • Online – You can conduct a general search on the internet for jobs for freelance writers and sort them by pay rate.
  • Library – Using your neighborhood library’s resources can possibly present opportunities for freelance work as well.
  • Network – Reaching out to contacts you already have may yield results you never knew existed and will allow you negotiate your own pay rate.

The good thing about freelance writing is that you ultimately make the decisions about what to write and how much you are paid to do so. The key to finding the right writing jobs for you with the highest rates to make sure you shop around, negotiate, and present a strong writing portfolio that showcases your talent. This will make you all the more competitive in the world of freelance writing.