A few words about rates for freelance writers

Freelance writers come in all shapes and forms. Some are brand new to the field but excelled in school to the point that they received top marks and are ready to make a break in the field. Others have been in the business for the duration of their career and are now retired but working a bit on the side to keep themselves entertained. There is a large midsection of freelance writers who range everywhere in between. Some have been doing it for a few years and have a great passion for it. Some studied writing in school. Some have always wanted to do it but have a career in something else.

Taking into consider the background of a freelancer will help you understand why freelance writers have so many different rates. Remember that you will always get what you pay for even when it comes to freelance writers.

  • Consider this: freelance writers who are from India or Bangladesh will offer their services for a very low rate. The reason being that the exchange rate means they will make more money in their country once they convert the few dollars you pay them for a project. They may not have any pizzazz and they may only understand the language on a structural level. They might also use a thesaurus feature to replace words with bigger words and lose out on meaning. But their rates are low.

  • Someone who is brand new and trying to get feedback or a review on their company website might offer their services at a reduced rate in exchange for this positive feedback or the risk that you assume when you take on their services.

  • A freelance writer who has been in the professional field of writing and is a highly accredited and published author around the world will surely charge much more for their services because it comes with such thorough background work. Of course this means you must be patient and the work that you receive cannot be rushed.

  • There are freelance writers who only write here and there and have no understanding of the going rate or average fee for freelance writing so they pick an arbitrary number based on the assignment.

  • Then there are companies that have professional rates set at the current competitive rates with their qualifications and degrees factored into the equation.