Finding great freelance opportunities for writers

There are a number of very good resources on the internet for freelancers to find work. Learning to use the internet will be your biggest tool. Other tools will be looked at here as well. It takes work to find good jobs, but knowing how to look is the key.

  1. Internet
  2. Want adds
  3. Your own site
  4. Social Networks
  5. Message boards
  6. Do searches
  • Internet
  • The internet has developed many uses. As a tool to promote business, is just one of them. Knowing how to look for the right places are another. One of the best places for a Freelancer to find work, is with a warehouse. This is a site that many different freelancers operate out of. There are other places as well. Using proper search engine procedures will help you find where the work is.

  • Want adds
  • Many newspapers that are still in circulation have want ads. Look through these. Many companies still hire from these sources, and freelancers can benefit from them. Also use journals, as many journals have want ads in them too.

  • Your own site
  • Building your own site is a good way to market yourself. Use your site as your personal portfolio. Build it up to show some of your best work, and in different areas of the field you want to work in. Having a good amount of knowledge in an area makes a prospective client more interested. This is a place for you to show off your kill, don’t boast, just show what you can do.

  • Social Networks
  • Marketing is used in many areas. Using social networks are a great tool. Both the general networks, and the professional networks will help you get seen more.

  • Message boards
  • Message boards are another useful tool. Often students need help with papers. They have all the material, and the rough draft, they just need it edited and finished. Put up ads in the college and university message boards. Go to businesses that you have effective knowledge in, and ask if you can post a message on their board. It is not unheard of that they will need someone to write something for them. And you are right there.

  • Do searches
  • Finding good prospects is not that hard any more. Do local searches, or broaden your search for businesses in the field you write. As an example, if you have a geology degree, you might search for “oil+gas+industries” with or without your location in it. And see where you might try contacting.