The Easiest Way To Find Freelance Sports Writing Jobs

If you love sports and you love writing one of the best career paths either temporarily or permanently that you can take is to become a freelance sports writer. The easiest way to find freelance sports writing jobs is to start off by creating a profile on a third-party platform. When you search for the word "freelance" you will find that two websites pop up as the most highly ranked sources. Sue these two sites will become one but for now you have twice the options available to you. Both of these platforms are ideal starting places because they offer the biggest variety in terms of clients and jobs. They also missed each job based on category which means that you can literally narrow down out of the thousands of jobs posted every day those which relate specifically to sports writing.

  • These sites have new jobs posted literally every hour in each of their categories including writing. This means that you can check back on the website every day and review dozens of new sports writing job offers.
  • These sites are particularly ideal for individuals who are considering both part-time and full-time work. In terms of part-time work, by definition, freelance provides the best option because you can choose when you want to work and how long you want to work. If you do not want to work on any sports writing one week because you have other obligations you can simply choose not to bid on new job that week. But if you want a part-time or long term contract full-time, you can search for those by explicitly narrowing down your bids to jobs which highlight the words "long-term" in their job descriptions. This makes it easy for you to write however much or however little you prefer.
  • There are other websites available which are better suited to newcomers because they do not require you to bid on each individual job and compete against all of the other people who are out there and instead they simply allow you to pick whichever of the available jobs you want to write and simply begin. The difference here is in terms of payment. Sites which cater to new writers may not have as many sports themed articles available and the payment is structured and set without negotiation. But on the other sites you can find a plethora of jobs which relate to whatever topic you choose and the payment structure is negotiable.

After this you will be required to set up a profile on that particular website and it will behoove you to create a portfolio which contains a few samples. If you don't have any samples right now you can simply pick a sports theme that you enjoy and write a sample feature piece or some sample website content for an athletic store, whatever niche you want to focus on. Having a wide array of examples like this will really help to show potential clients what you can do.