Looking For Part-Time Freelance Travel Writing Jobs: Useful Recommendations

One of the most interesting and exciting genres of writing for freelancers is travel writing. Even if you are only writing on research alone and never actually leave your home, you still have the opportunity to immerse yourself in a world of sights, sounds, and different cultures. Some writers actually visit a location before crafting an article (either somewhere they have been on vacation, or a place they have been paid to visit by their employer).

For those who love the chance to visit new places and learn all about different parts of the world, getting paid to travel is merely a bonus for an activity they enjoy anyway. These are the jobs that can be extremely lucrative and fun. However, it can be equally enjoyable just to obtain work that relies on imagination and visual descriptions to create words that prompt others to want to visit the location.

No new writer can expect that the #1 rated travel magazine is going to start paying to send them all over the world. You need to have proven yourself before they will even consider giving you a small chance. Here are some useful recommendations on finding jobs part-time that pay well you can work your way up from:

  • Travel guides: One of the best places to get started is by writing travel guides. The locations are usually fairly exotic, and you are able cover everything from places of interest to visit, to nightlife, to local fare. Some of these pieces of work are done with your name as well, getting your name out there in the industry if your project is well-done.
  • E-books: Employers are looking for e-books writers on a constant basis for all types of material -- travel included. Although it is rare to find an opportunity that will allow for publishing under your own name, many employers are happy to allow you to submit a sample portion, or give you a reference to help you get future assignments -- if you ask them nicely. NEVER submit a proposal for a new job that includes a portion of previously written work unless you have the rights to it, or permission from the owner!
  • Web content: There are tons of sites that are related to travel -- from agencies to visitor bureaus. They are always looking for new content that they are able to include to entice clients. If you are good at what you do, there are potentially hundreds of thousands of locations that may need a little bit of promotion.