Earn as a Freelance Writer

Do not let go of your love for writing as you can earn some good amount of cash with your skill. Choose the topics you are inclined to writing and get hired. You will be paid after the project is written, edited and submitted. It’s that simple.

How Much Can You Earn?

Yes, a valid question indeed. How can you set to work as a freelance writer without knowing how much you will get paid for it? So, here are some pointers to give you a fair idea about the same.

  • Set your goal. If you are an employed and earn $80, 000 a year and expect the same from a freelance job you can make it happen. It might take 2-3 years to achieve the same and even more with experience and improved writing skills. The earning amount has no limitation.

  • If you are a student and can spare around 2 hours in freelance writing projects daily, you can earn up to $175- $1500 for a story.

  • You need to know who to contact for freelance work as different company pay different amount of money. For instance, if you wish to love to write about travel you get in touch with the editor of the magazine for the airline Flying Emirates. They will test your writing skills and if you get selected you can earn up to a little less than $1/word.

  • You can also take up monthly contracts with NBC ($350), Outside ($435) or Pacific Standard ($650) as per your interest.

This is a smart age we are living in with technology as our weapon. Be smart and use your writing skills to the fullest at the comfort of your home and you can load up your bank account.