What To Do If You Want To Be A Professional Freelance Writer

The best way to become a professional freelance writer is to start today. Read the rest of this article and get going! Too many people think about something and plan for it without taking any action on their goals. It’s just as—or even more—important to get something going, even if you don’t completely know what you’re doing yet.

How to become a freelance writer

With the internet, it’s much easier to find work as a writer than it ever was before. You can go online and find a decent job in a matter of hours. That is, if you know where to look and what to look for. That’s possibly the hardest part, is knowing how to present yourself to potential clients, what skills you need, and how to complete the projects you’re given.

Here are some tips you can use to start getting freelance jobs:

  • Read about different freelance sites that you can write for. There are many out there, and each offers its own rules, workflow and type of work.
  • Talk to someone—you might not realize that someone you know, a friend or family member, could be doing freelance writing already. If you ask around, you might find a person to talk to about best practices for freelance writing.
  • Being professional means presenting yourself in the best way possible with regards to getting clients. The people who are online looking for writers generally want someone who can write quickly, with good grammar and spelling, as well as being able to stick to format guidelines. Some clients will want a friendly tone and some will want technical writing.
  • Always, always, always read the instructions! Before you get started with any writing job, you need to know what’s expected of you. You want to please your client to get paid, as well as getting more writing jobs from them in the future. If you find someone who you work well with, they might even be able to set up a regular ongoing gig with you.
  • Remember that with any skill, your writing will get better over time. Don’t worry if you aren’t getting that many jobs at first, of if you make a few mistakes. If there’s something wrong, most clients will simply ask for a redo and you can take the time to fix whatever it is.