Set The Record Straight While Searching For A Job On Freelance Writers Websites

If you are searching for a job on as a freelance writer especially if you are using a freelance website to locate this work on freelance websites, there are some things that you should take into consideration in order to have the most possible success in finding a gig. These things could be the difference between you being able to make writing a career and only dreaming about being a professional writer. In this article I will list some tips for finding success as a professional freelance writer and getting paid for doing what you love.

Tips for landing the job

There are several things that you can do to help ensure that you obtain a freelance job quickly by out shinning the other bidders. These are things such as…

  • Brag a little (When you write your proposal and are explaining who you are and what you can do you will want to make yourself seem as though you are the best writer that the company can possibly hire. Do not lie about your abilities but do emphasize any outstanding qualities and skills that you possess.

  • Be absolutely honest when describing how you will approach the job (if you are not honest you may land the job at first but you will begin your relationship with your client on bad terms. Do not tell your client that you will deliver anything that you are not capable of accomplishing, and if there is ever a reason that the work will be delayed let your client know immediately. Good communication and honesty go a long way.

  • Work just a little cheaper than their minimum price. (Most people will bid at the minimum price so that the employer sees them as a good value for the money. If you bid just below this you will stand out as the best deal.)

Tips for keeping the job

After you have landed the job you will want to perform and behave in such a way that the client does not feel as if they should back out of the offer. Things to do to make sure a good working relationship is maintained are…

  • Provide a sample of your work as soon as possible (this may be a single article or a paragraph but letting your client see the quality of work you are producing for their project will either their mind or give them a chance to provide further instruction.)

  • Communicate (If you have any questions or if any changes in the delivery date are going to take place let your client know immediately. This will foster trust between the two of you.)

  • Be truthful (Always do exactly what you promise. Deliver work on time or early, and compose the writing in the style and on the topic that you agreed to.)

  • Be professional (If your client notes any problems at all be willing to correct the mistakes for free. Yes this means more work for you but any job worth doing is worth doing right.)

  • Do not request payment until the job is complete (This should go without saying. You don’t get your paycheck at the beginning of the week so you should not expect payment for an incomplete task.)

By following the advice listed in this article you should not only be able to easily obtain a freelance writing gig but should get great reviews and be asked to work for many clients time and time again.