How to get a freelance writing job that will suit your skills

Not every freelance writer should write ever freelance piece. Since there are so many different freelance pieces, writers should pick and choose the pieces that fit their skills. Some writers are better at crafting creative fiction and others are better at writing clever how-to blog posts. What can a freelance writer do to get the jobs that fit his or her skills? Here are a few tips:

  • Take skills tests. The top freelancing websites offer writers the opportunity to test their skills and discover where their strengths and weaknesses are. Hopefully, you already have some idea what you are good at writing before you take the skills tests. When you get a high score on the skills test, you should post the results on your profile so your potential clients can see that you are the right candidate for the job.

  • Show samples of your best work. Your profile is your freelance writing resume. When you write a proposal for a job, the client will look at your profile page and will look at samples. If you want to write creative fiction, then you should post a few short pieces that show your capabilities. Clients like to see what their potential writers can do before they make decisions.

  • Apply for jobs in your skill-set. The large freelancing sites will organize the open jobs by the type of writing the clients want. You should be able to look for jobs that are in your skill set so you do not have to waste your time hunting for jobs that you do not want to do. You should be aware that some categories are very popular with writers, but they do not bring many clients. Top writing categories usually include jobs in translation, content writing, and ebooks. Most of these are non-fiction writing.

  • Try something new. If you find that your favorite writing projects are not always available, it can be in your best interest to learn how to write in different styles. If you love to write creatively, you might enjoy content writing or blog writing because you can be creative and still write non-fiction. You can find tutorials on how to write different types of pieces so you can learn how to write great content with your creative mind. It can actually be fun to learn how to write in different ways, especially when you know you are getting paid to do it.