I Need To Find A Reliable Freelance Writers Website

If you are looking to start writing as a freelance writer, you may be in need of a reliable freelance writers website. Conversely, if you are looking to hire a freelance writer to work for you, the same may be true.

  • Situation #1: You are a freelance writer, looking for a reliable freelance writers website.
  • If this is the case, then your goal should be to evaluate the potential sites based on their merit. You will want to see what other writers have to say about the service offered to the writers and what protection you are given. You want a website that protects you financially, and ensures clients cannot get away with not paying you in a reasonable amount of time. You want a site that will require funding in an escrow account up front, so that when the two weeks are up, you get the money for the completed job.

    You also want a company that will look out for any attempts to take advantage of you professionally. Many clients on the internet will try and squeeze more out of you than is required by the contract, and will demand things such as non-contractual revisions or additional work by way of threatening to withhold money or to give you a bad rating. But this is not allowed, and you want a site that has a legal team by your side to prevent it from happening.

    You also want a site where clients post work regularly. You need to be able to skim over the new job postings every day and find something new and exciting. You cannot get far as a writer if the same site you use showcases the same jobs postings without any new additions for days at a time.

    But you also want to weigh the cut that the website takes for every job you get. The worst thing is to work for a site that takes a significant portion of your hard earned money.

  • Situation #2: You are a client looking for a reliable freelance writer.
  • If this is the case, you want a site that is reputable, highly ranked, and one where thousands of applicants will see your job posting. You want a site that will let you post jobs for free, and only pay when you hire someone. You also want a site that enables you to review the work of your contracts and seek changes where necessary.