How Do You Get Freelance Story Writing Jobs From Home?

If you love to write, then it is time to explore the world of writing from home. Writing has changed dramatically over the last few years thanks to the Internet. In previous years, if you wanted to make money as a freelance writer, you had to know people who wanted to buy your work. You had to write first, then work hard (harder than you did to finish your story) to find someone who would pay you for the writing you did. Now, freelance writers get hired first, then write. This way, they get paid for the work they do without having to struggle to find a buyer. If this sounds appealing to you, then here are some tips to help you find the work you want to do:

  • Create accounts on freelance sites: There are several large sites that serve as middlemen for those who need work and those who have work that needs to be done. These sites not only help writers, they also help programmers, designers, assistants, accountants, translators, teachers, and anyone else who can do work online.
  • Build a profile that will get you hired: Everyone who has been hired on a middleman site had to start somewhere. They had to create an outstanding profile and market themselves. When you build your profile, make sure that you have spelled everything correctly and be sure you do not have any glaring grammar issues - especially if you want to get hired to write. You should include a flattering image that makes you look professional and creative at the same time. The image could be of you, or it could be a logo or graphic.
  • Take tests and self-assess. Many of these middleman websites have tests in their profile sections. These tests will assess your skills in the area where you want to work. So, if you want to write stories, then you should test yourself in creative writing, spelling, grammar, and any other skills that will showcase your abilities. If you do not score well, then do not include them in your profile. You can also self-assess your skills, but be realistic when you do this.
  • Apply for jobs. Search the site and apply for the jobs you want. You might have to begin by offering a low fee so you can start to build a reputation. Then, you can increase your fees as more people recognize your name.